Zelda Cigars


Fine wine and cigars go together like Tango and Cash.  If you don't believe me, give it a shot.  There are a bunch of wineries in our area and across the US that encourage the combination and experimentation of the two.  There are many options out there when it comes to purchasing fine tobacco products, but what truly sets them apart is a friendly expert and a cozy shop, this is why I recommend Zelda Cigar.


In keeping with our recent commitment to venture outside of our Loudoun County comfort zone, Andrew and I hit up another place on our "to do" list on the I-95 corridor. Even though the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania area isn't too far from us, the wineries out there aren't close enough together to make it a convenient trip. But that's no excuse to miss out on great places, and Mattaponi marks another on the list.

Virginia Wine and Food Basket

Even though the holidays are long gone and we are now in the big gray "bucket of suck" we call winter, I wanted to extend my deepest thanks to Doukenie Winery, The Barns at Hamilton Station, and Bloomery Plantation Distillery for donating their libations to my agency's Combined Federal Campaign gift basket for charity.

Wedding Recap - Doukenie


I remember the whole time I was planning for our wedding, I couldn't wait until things returned to normal. It seemed like there were a million things to do every day. Little did I know that the aftermath has its own ginormous to-do list. Thank goodness for Craiglist and Freecycle, because wedding decorations would still be clogging our formal living room (a room which a few of our friends said would never serve a purpose.) And then those little things called the holidays happened.

The Barns at Hamilton Station Video

We here at WineCruisers.com just finished up our first vineyard vignette on The Barns at Hamilton Station.  We are very excited about the opportunity to do this project with The Barns.  Please watch and enjoy!

Berry Hill Vineyard


In spite of our best efforts to prepare for wine tasting trips, sometimes we will have some real "Duh!" moments. Like when four of us thought we could walk into Berry Hill Vineyard without an appointment! Thank goodness the owner, David Hilty was about and graciously let us in. We first heard about Berry Hill after going to a gathering with our friends Kurt and Carol at Wine About Virginia. Andrew just couldn't get enough of their Cab Franc, and we decided to go to its origin in Flint Hill, Virginia to give it a try. This was, of course, after a delicious lunch at Flint Hill Public House. If you haven't been there, check it out!

Capitol Vineyards


Before I delve too deeply into our summer trips, I can't forget the places we ventured to when the weather was a bit more chilly. In line with my route 66 kick, we decided to give Capitol Vineyards a try. This was a new place that we went to once that was closed on a random day. After we met one of the owners we found out why—it is a new place with a very small staff.