Top Tip - Open Wine W/O Corkscrew

toptipSo you just visited a vineyard, and you purchased your perfect bottle of wine, and you find out you don't have a corkscrew... What do you do to get the delicious wine out of the corked bottle?  That is the topic of todays Top Tip.  Follow the jump to learn how to open a bottle of wine without tools or the bare minimum.



The Tapping Method

The main idea behind this method is to tap the bottle against a vertical solid object until the cork pops out.  Luckily there should be a tree, or a wall near you (unless you are in a very desolate part of a desert or in the middle of the ocean on something inflatable).

First thing: wrap the bottle in a towel, or place the bottom of the bottle into a shoe (in the heel area).  This is to create a barrier between the glass and the surface, otherwise you'd have a broken bottle on your hands.  You definitely wouldn't want glass shards on your hands, either!

Tap the bottle against the vertical object, keeping in mind how fragile the bottle is.  The cork will begin to emerge as the pressure of the liquid pushes on the cork.  Once it has come to a point where you can get leverage on it, pull it out with your fingers.  Now you have an opened bottle of wine.  Enjoy!

The Screw Method

After a long day at work, you may just want to have a glass of wine to help you relax.  You look in your kitchen drawers and realize that you lent your corkscrew to your friend Chris last night so he could impress his date with a home made meal and a bottle of red.  Well, what do you do?

Easy, every household has these 3 items laying around somewhere: a screwdriver, screw, and hammer.  With a little bit of Macgyver skill, you can open that bottle of wine!  Take the screw, should be roughly 2 inches long, and screw the screw into the cork (with screwdriver, of course) until about half an inch of the screw is still above the cork.  Then take your trusty hammer and pull the screw until the cork releases from the bottle.  You can also pry the screw if you'd like, use your thumb as leverage at the top of the bottle.

The Push Method

So you may be part of the 1% of American households that does not have a screw, hammer and screwdriver.  Or you could live with someone like Colleen, who manages to hide everything in the obscurest of places as she cleans. Here is another quick and simple method to get that cork out (or in, should I say).  By far the most simple technique of the 3.

All you need is a rod of some sort, can be a wooden spoon handle, sharpie or maybe you just had the screwdriver.  Put the end of the object down onto the top of the cork and push it in slowly.  There will be a little spray as the pressure releases and the cork goes into the wine.  Doing it slowly reduces the spray.  And that's it! 

So as you can see, there are plenty of ways to pop open your grapey goodness without the traditional tools! Thanks for reading Top Tip of The Day!