Earthquake Seyvival

earthquake wine

Hello fellow 2011 Virginia Earthquake survivors!  The nightmare is over, the buildings still stand, the Washington Monument is not leaning to far to the left or right (depending on your political affiliation) and the earth below our feet has not opened up to a fiery pit of hell.  With all this excitement and the surely treacherous drive home on the DC Metro area's parking lots they call "highways", you need the perfect post-disaster wine.

My post-apocalyptic suggestion is Crushed Cellars 2009 Seyval.  12.7% ABV is just enough to let you relax and fall into a peaceful slumber so you are bright and fresh tomorrow to welcome the new epoch.  Much like the fault line has certainly crushed a few bits of earth into oblivion, Crushed Cellars has found that concentrated goodness from the Seyval grape and have dutifully crushed them into convenient bottles that can be easily added to your underground bunker.

This wine is bright with citrus notes, an homage to a brighter future we will surely enjoy tomorrow.  Optimism is key during life altering events.  I know I have 5.8 reasons more to have a bottle of wine tonight!

Try it out at their tasting room and take a few bottles home for the next disaster.

Crushed Cellars

37938 Charles Town Pike
Purcellville, Virginia 20132